“KRONUS is the Mercedes among the pallet producers, mainly pallet collars,” states a Hamburg, Germany-based forwarding agent that constantly utilizes wooden pallets and pallet collars stemming from the Baltic company, publication in "Paletten Report" says.

Pallet Collars

Kronus’ remarkable market success is based above all on far sighted decisions, says Aleksejs Volčenkovs, KRONUS Chief Marketing Officer. Automating the production of wooden pallets, pallet collars and wooden packaging wherever possible was one of these key provisions. This was coupled with state-of-the-art monitoring processes by installing a high-tech 3D control system that uses scanning and laser diagnostics to detect deficiencies, faulty material or other shortcomings. Hence, quality control from A to Z has become part of Kronus’ genes, from the reception of the wooden raw material to the final wooden pallets or pallet collars handed over to clients. Each incoming order is identified by a purchase order number. Upon receipt, all material is checked for compliance with quality according to a set of criteria such as dimensions, humidity rate, tolerances and others. The wooden material is then subjected to further quality control procedures. This resembles monitoring procedures common in aircraft or automotive manufacturing and ensures customers utmost quality of the pallet collars, wooden pallets and wooden packaging stemming from Kronus’ production plant.  

According to Aleksejs Volčenkovs, KRONUS Chief Marketing Officer, permanent occupational training of the staff is another criterion for the company’s success.  The pallet collar specialist from Riga uses LEAN methods from the Adizes Institute to train staff and management. This has also raised the self-confidence of the employees who are proud of their products and see themselves as part of a broader team. These are soft skills but extremely important criteria for identifying themselves with their company and jobs. 

Currently, Kronus is able to manufacture six million pallet collars and two million wooden pallets per year. Due to growing demand, the Riga-headquartered pallet expert has internationalized, running offices in Germany, Lithuania and China. And this doesn’t seem to be the end of the line!

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Over the past five years, 10,5 million euros were invested for enhancing the production of wooden packaging together with the business processes. An expenditure that has paid off, seen by the success of their pallet collars, wooden pallets and similar unit load devices leaving their Riga plant day after day. 

How popular the pallet expert has meanwhile become could be seen at the last Transport Logistic trade show held in Munich from 4-7 June this year. There, Kronus was represented with its own booth, where key products such as collar pallets and different wooden pallets were displayed and introduced to the visiting professionals.  A Kronus expert explained their easy mode of operation including the superb durability of his company’s wooden packaging to the trade visitors that dropped by, interested in exchanging experience and make contacts.  

According to Kronus, the Munich-held industry show was another investment that has definitely paid for itself.  

Article by: Paletten Report