The functional characteristics of the pallet collar and additional accessories allow you to adjust this type of packaging to the requirements of your product.

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Oversized goods

Pallet collars placed on top of a pallet allow you to erect a strong wooden structure of any desired height. To do this, you just need to place the collars on top of each other, like with bricks when building a wall. In this situation, walls can be built either before placing the goods in the box or after doing this (“around” the goods). The structure consisting of pallet collars placed on top of a pallet will reliably protect goods of any size both during transportation and during storage.

Small goods packaging

Wooden dividers for pallet collars allow you to divide the box into 2–15 units, providing the possibility to effectively use every centimetre of space on the pallet. Thus, it is convenient to segment, store and move small batches of products in one pallet collar on one pallet. This solution allows you not only to carry out the convenient transportation and storage of the goods, but also to save funds due to not using additional packaging.

Easy storage

Multi-tier storage is an excellent way to save on space in your warehouse. In order to ensure the protection of goods as well as convenient and quick access to products, you should use special corners, distancers and doors for pallet collars. Plastic corners will protect the products and the packaging from damage and reduce the risk of pallet collars moving and falling to the ground. Distancers will make it possible to place boxes made from pallet collars in several layers more reliably, while providing access to the products. Furthermore, doors installed on the wall of a pallet collar will allow you to easily and quickly get the goods from a box located at any height.