Kronus - wooden pallets manufacturer offers euro pallets, solution for storage and transportation

KRONUS is a certified manufacturer of new wooden euro pallets (EPAL), and has also a licence for the repair of used euro pallets. Our manufacturing facilities allow us to provide our customers with large quantities of standard-quality products within a short period of time.

Size Weight Capacity
800×1200×144 mm ок. 25 kg 1500 kg

Due to the situation on the timber market and increased demand for wooden packaging, to ensure the quality of our products and service we are currently forced to only review the orders and requests that meet the minimum order quantity criteria of 864 pcs. for pallets, 432 pcs. for Pallet Collars.

Our team will try its best to get back to you within 24 hours from your request, but it might take longer.

We are sorry for any inconvinience caused.



Euro pallets (EPAL) have proven to be a simple, but effective solution for storing and transporting various goods.

The strongest brand on the pallet market
Global and unlimited sharing
Unified quality standard
Regular consultations for customers
Long service life in accordance with the laws of the European Union related to reducing packaging waste
Very high commercial value at resale


Euro pallets ensure an flawless supply chain. The use of wooden pallets of a single European standard simplifies customs clearance, ensures cargo security during its transportation and increases the effectiveness of warehouse workers. Modern logistics is impossible without the use of EPAL!


Wooden pallets of a single European standard – EPAL – have been used in Europe for decades. Currently, this standard is recognised and accepted worldwide. EPAL is a guarantee of the high quality of new pallets and maintainability of used pallets. Both new and used euro pallets safely get through customs around the world.

Information about technology and manufacturer

IPPC mark in accordance with national plant protection regulations (mandatory for EPAL pallets from 01/01/2010)

  • Country code
  • Registration number of the responsible plant protection authority
  • Information about heat treatment
  • Licence number, year and month


9 blocks nailed according to the specified pattern
11 planks of the specified size and type of wood
78 nails of the specified type

EPAL labelling

4 blocks have branded markings of the European Pallet Association e.V. (EPAL)


Taking care of customer convenience, we have developed an effective system for the delivery of goods. Regardless of the region in which the client needs pallets, we are ready to deliver wooden packaging solutions as soon as possible. We offer combined EPAL delivery as well as their delivery to multiple addresses. Smart logistics of packaging is an additional advantage of using our services.


We offer the Buy-And-Sell Back service (buying back unused packaging). If you need new wooden packaging of European standard, which you plan to use only once, we are ready to buy it from you or your customers. Buy-And-Sell Back is a solution that allows you to effectively manage the warehouse and to save up to 32% on packaging turnover.


Wooden pallets of European standard have high maintainability. Considering the concern for the preservation of natural resources, we offer the repair of used EPAL pallets. The quality of repaired pallets is not inferior to the quality of new wooden packaging, however, they allow the client to save resources and to implement environmentally friendly policies.


Thanks to a wide network of warehouses in Europe and Asia, our customers can receive EPAL pallets within 10 days.


We offer the best choice of used pallets in the Baltic countries. Our customers have an available stock of 70,000 pallets of various sizes as well as designed for different purposes at their disposal. In addition to the sale, we provide a full cycle of collection, repair, supply and disposal of used wooden pallets.

Advantageous price
In comparison with new euro pallets, the application of used ones allows you to save up to 30% of your funds.
Always available
Order used EPAL pallets, and we will deliver them within 3 days. We keep all standard pallet types in stock.


One of the common problems that customers face when using wooden packaging solutions is the disposal or recycling of packaging. The problem is particularly acute for clients who import their cargo into the European Union from third countries. KRONUS, in collaboration with Green Dot and Valsts Augu Aizsardzības Dienests, provides the collection and disposal of wooden packaging.


When shipping goods to third countries, one of the requirements is carrying out special treatment of the packaging, that is, heat treatment or fumigation (gas treatment), which is prohibited in the EU. KRONUS offers EPAL heat treatment services. After the treatment of the pallets, we provide our customers with the complete set of documents, which is necessary to send goods to third countries.

Request a consultation or get a quote

Modern production

Our production lines have modern automated equipment that allows one to produce large quantities of products and comply with uniform quality standards from batch to batch.

Quality control

KRONUS has a high-tech 3D quality control system that uses scanning and laser diagnostics to detect defects and assess the quality of material. Inspecting products at all stages of production starting from the purchase of raw materials and ending with the shipment of the finished product to customers, we guarantee the consistent quality of wooden packaging.

Compliance with standards

The production processes of KRONUS are carried out in accordance with international standards and requirements (ISPM, IPPC, LV-012). For example, according to IPPC requirements, the company carries out heat treatment of products. Compliance with standards is confirmed by the relevant ISO and TUV certificates.

We offer over 820 different specifications
of pallets
In our warehouse, we always have a stock of products for prompt shipment
Production processes and finished products comply with international standards
We guarantee consistently high product quality from batch to batch

Contact information

Should you have any questions, contact us at your language or request a meeting with our customer service.


Ziegelteich 25, Kiel,
24103, Deutschland
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Dauguļu iela 19, Ulbroka,
Stopiņu pagasts, Ropažu novads,
LV-2130 Latvija
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07B West Wing, #1088 Yuanshen Road,
200122, Shanghai, China
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