We can definitely say that the last year was successful for the company, but at the same time full of challenges. We went from one crisis situation to another, but that did not stop us from reaching new heights. Get to know the most important KRONUS events in 2022!

Throughout its existence, our company has been focused on growing and adding skills, processes and knowledge. The past year was no exception – our team learned and expanded their knowledge. For example, all managers of the company competed almost a year and a half long training, which resulted in the creation of the “Leader in KRONUS” manual for internal use.


However, managers are not the only ones learning in our company. Training in presentation skills, the LinkedIn platform, products, logistics and different languages were also conducted, in which employees from several departments participated.


That’s not all, individual sessions were also organised, such as customs declaration, programming, sustainability and certificate training.

Kronus handbook Picture

We can definitely consider the creation of a training centre for production workers as another educational innovation. Repairs were made in the premises and equipment was purchased to ensure fast and high-quality training of employees, both when starting work and raising their qualifications.

Thanks to our professional and development-oriented team, we can associate the year 2022 with the opening of new directions, the implementation of which was also helped by the cooperation made with the banks “Swedbank” and “Citadele”.


  • In April, our new garden goods and wooden house brand “Upyard” was presented, which is constantly expanding its range of offers.
  • In November, we opened the new metal cutting workshop to provide both our production plant and our customers with material.
Kronus Upyard Picture

Along with developing new directions, new workspaces were also needed for our constantly growing team. In April of last year, the opening of the new office, located in the Saga shopping centre, was also celebrated. A modern and comfortable office was created, in which about 100 administrative employees are currently working. The office has rest areas, a spacious kitchen, closed meeting rooms, as well as modern technologies available to the employees to complete their work.

KRONUS not only works hard, but also knows how to relax well – in the middle of summer, we celebrated the company’s 27th birthday in true Havana night fashion. At the event, the team enjoyed live music, delicious food and a great atmosphere.


We also held the annual tradition – Family Festival, where employees and their families could enjoy water attractions, games and delicious food in the fresh air in Priedaine. Of course, we also celebrated summer solstice, where a folklore group performed songs and dances for all the employees.


Among the events, we must also mention the children’s drawing competition, where employees’ children could express themselves with their art on the theme “My dream tree house”, after which they also received awards. All these masterpieces can be seen in the first virtual exhibition in the company’s history, which is still available here!

Kronus Office Saga Picture

Various internal processes were improved and perfected during the past year. One-on-one development talks were introduced, during which managers discussed the work done, results and future plans with each employee. Every employee has the opportunity to give honest feedback and receive it from their manager. Improvements were also made to our change management system to reach all employees of the company. We expanded our scope to allow the organisation to ‘breathe’.

Along with all the changes, it was also time to renew the mission, vision and values of the company! At the centre of our value events are always PEOPLE – customers, employees, suppliers! A new strategic plan for the next three years was also developed and an OKR system was implemented, where the major goals of the company are defined, which are then broken down into tasks for each department. Together we can achieve much more!

Taking into account that the main value of the company is people, we declared September in production as Health Month, during which employees were treated with delicious fruits, they were provided with the opportunity to visit the swimming pool for free and were reminded of the benefits of health insurance. We can definitely say that a KRONUS employee is athletic – our company was widely represented in the Riga Marathon, one of our employees set a Latvian record in the 24-hour run, and for half a year our colleagues have been actively meeting twice a week for volleyball training! In general, we can be proud of the involvement of employees in various events and projects, which is shown by the number of completed employee satisfaction surveys, which is record high this year – 422 people filled it out!

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Overall, 2022 was spent on expanding. The number of administrative employees increased by 45 industry professionals, which is the highest number of new hires to date. Several new warehouses were opened, a record was reached in the number of pallet collars produced, and turnover exceeded 100 million euro.

But KRONUS always shares and the whole team has the desire to give to those who need it most. Throughout the year, we were actively involved in the activities of the “Latvian Children’s Support Fund”, which implements countless projects to help children all over Latvia. Also, at the end of the year, we were one of the main donors in the “High Five” charity marathon, where the donated funds were directed to refugees from Ukraine in Latvia. At the same time, a joint collection of donations for animal shelters was also organised at the initiative of the employees.

We are indescribably happy and grateful for the past year and give a big thank you to colleagues, customers, suppliers and cooperation partners! We believe that next year will bring even more victories! Thank you for being with us.