Details: this is what makes our product so convenient. As we take care of providing maximum cargo protection and the most convenient access to products during their storage, we have developed practical accessories for boxes made from pallet collars.

Reliable Storage


Multi-tier storage of products is an effective way to save warehouse space. However, when using this storage method, it is often difficult to ensure cargo protection and access to the products. Plastic corners will protect the products and the packaging from damage and reduce the risk of pallet collars moving and falling to the ground.

Plastic Corner Picture

Another solution, which is highly appreciated by customers who use collars for the transportation and storage of small parts, is dividers. Dividing the box into 2 to 15 units provides the possibility to effectively use every centimetre of space on the pallet. This is the most convenient way to segment, store and move small batches of products in one pallet collar on one pallet. The solution not only allows you to carry out the convenient transportation and storage of goods, but also to save funds due to not using additional packaging. 

Convenient Access to Products


To ensure the most convenient and quick access to products stored in the warehouse at any height, we have developed special distancers and doors for collars. Both solutions make it possible to place boxes made from pallet collars in several layers more reliably, while providing access to the products.


Another additional – but very practical – accessory, which has been highly appreciated by customers who use pallet collars to store products in large warehouses, is labelling pockets. This simple solution greatly facilitates keeping records relating to the products.

A Special Solution


If your products require additional solutions or you need a specialised additional product for transportation, storage or providing access to the products, our specialists will develop A SOLUTION SUITABLE FOR YOU!

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